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Why wear contact lenses?

  1. Clarity of vision – contact lenses can provide a higher quality of vision and stability than achieved with spectacles
  2. Field of view – your peripheral vision will no longer be constrained by the rim of your spectacles
  3. Convenience for sports – contact lenses provide a freedom of movement while maintaining clarity even with the most energetic activities
  4. Fashion – you will be able to wear those designer sunglasses without the need for prescription spectacle lenses

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For Children

The last 10 years has seen rapid technological advancements in contact lens design and materials, making them safer and more comfortable for daily wear. We fit contact lenses for children from the age of 9 years (with parental consent) for the following reasons:

  • Contact lenses can be considered a safer option when playing energetic sports compared to spectacles
  • They boost confidence in children who are self-conscious of their spectacles in social environments

At Optitech Opticians, we believe that with regular check-ups and careful instruction, children can be taught to safely handle contact lenses, and take responsibility for their eye health.

For 40+ Age Group

We fit the newest multifocal contact lens designs. Variable focus lenses can enable you to retain both your distance and reading vision, overcoming the challenges faced in our daily lives to provide clear and more comfortable vision.

The Contact Lens Fitting Procedure

Our aim is to fit the most appropriate contact lens for your eyes by following these steps:

  1. We will begin with a full discussion to ascertain what you expect from your contact lens wear, and inform you of the options available
  2. Once we have decided on the most suitable lens type for your eyes, we will evaluate the fitting
  3. A friendly and patient staff member will teach you how to handle the contact lens, techniques to insert and remove the lens from your eye, and provide general advice to ensure your lens wear is safe and comfortable
  4. You will be provided with free lenses to trial for 5 days.
  5. A follow-up check will be carried out on completion of the trial to check that you are adapting well to your new lenses

Our EYEPLAN SERVICE provides a cost-effective, comprehensive, tailor-made payment option available to all our contact lens customers.

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