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Childrens Eye Care

How confident are you that your child can see?

Children have a remarkable ability to adapt well to different conditions. This means that a child rarely complains about their vision, even when it falls well outside the normal limits! In fact, most parents address concerns following reports from teachers of problems at school, or on observing unusual behaviour such as eye ‘squinting’.

In particular, visual problems affecting one eye alone are only detected when a child attends for an eye examination with their optometrist, or is referred by the school following failure of a basic vision screening assessment. This involves a quick series of investigations, that often fail to address the following:

  • Co-ordination of the eyes as a pair, otherwise known as ‘Binocular Vision’
  • Ability to track print across a written page without losing their place
  • To comfortably adjust focus from near to far distance

Current research shows that approximately 20% of school-age children have undetected visual problems that are hindering their school performance. Children’s eyes continue to develop up to the age 8 years. Therefore, it is imperative that visual disorders are detected and treated as early as possible. Our team at Optitech have extensive experience in paediatric eye care, working as a team to make the experience of your child’s first sight test and on-going care thoroughly enjoyable and informative.

Age is not a barrier for us! We recommend that every child has an eye examination by the age of 3 years, especially where there is a family history of an eye problem, or if the parent suspects a problem. We use:

  • Special tests and a bunch of fun toys to examine babies and toddler’s eyes
  • Eye-drops – usually required for children under the age of 4 years and occasionally for older children to provide the most accurate assessment of their eye prescription

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