Welcome to Optitech...
... dedicated to vision for life.

Eyesight is a precious gift. The art is to maintain this gift and derive pleasure from it. Our experienced optometrists carry out thorough and comprehensive examinations with the latest technology to ensure your sight is at its optimum level. We provide invaluable advice on maintaining this sight. Our skilled team will make you feel at home and help you choose those ideal pair of glasses that make you look fabulous. At Optitech, you become part of our family.

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The best possible care for your eyes. Our state of the art specialist equipment (OCT and others) gives you the most thorough eye examinations to protect your eye health.

We can HELP with

  • Family eyecare
  • Child friendly specialists
  • Contact lenses
  • Designer eyewear
  • Corporate schemes
  • Specialist needs in eyecare


  • Comprehensive and personalised eye examinations
  • State of art optical technology
  • Experts in diabetic eye disease and Low Vision
  • Emergency red eye appointments
  • Dyslexia and children’s eyecare
  • VDU assessments
  • EYEPLAN Scheme for Contact lenses